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Friday Morning Mavericks

There is something about the good cheer of Rotary meetings, the working together on

common altruistic objectives, and the thoughtfulness of others which Rotary's program develops,

which promotes in a most remarkable way that rarest of human qualities: friendliness.
Almon E. Roth -Address to 1931 Rotary Convention, Vienna, Austria

We are a Friday Morning Breakfast Club, but why, “Maverick”?

In 1988, PAUR was founded by Ken Kaufman and a group of Rotarians that changed the traditional club culture into one that was more relatable to women and younger members. Transforming the image of Rotary clubs from men’s clubs to clubs for all was a radical, maverick move.


Our founders replaced ingrained rituals of singing, fining, praying, and pledging, with a more inclusive approach that fostered fellowship and service. As a result, women joined and held leadership roles, a younger demographic embraced the call for service, and a wide range of foreign-born members saw a place where they belonged.

As our club grew, we were labeled nonconformist, unconventional, and unorthodox by the Rotary world. Over the past 35 years, more and more clubs embraced our “unconventional” format and saw the benefit of “doing things a little differently.” Our roots are deep in creating change, being Mavericks.

Today, the Rotary "voice" is Smart, Compassionate, Persevering, and Inspiring. Rotary addresses issues to find lasting solutions to systemic problems. We are a bold, upbeat, and courageous people.

Ready to become a Maverick and change the world? You belong here!


Larry Christenson

PAUR President

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