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Rotary International Citation Award
2019-2020 – Rotary Citation – Gold

Rotary Club Members work hard to make the world a better place – both locally and internationally. Although all members are a valued part of the organization, each year as we pass the torch from one president to another, the outgoing president recognizes the contribution of members that stands out.


Charter President Award - Kenneth C. Kaufman

This award is given to the most innovative member. This member embraces the maverick culture of our club.

2020-21 Ted Marston

2019-20  Meredith Warshaw, Ph.D.

2018-19  Judy Koch & Bob Williams

2017-18  Okke Schrijvers & Bill Doyle

2016-17  Patrick O’Regan & Bill Doyle

2015-16  Cecily Anne O’Regan

2014-15  Ellen Kitamura

2013-14  Steve Ross & Richard Schoelerman

2012-13  Sandra Florstedt

2011-12  Tom Pamilla

2009-10  Carol Garsten

2008-09  Tim Palacios

2007-08  Steve Ross

2006-07  Rob Parish

2005-06  William Grindley & Jerry Torrance

2004-05  Charles L. Marsh

2003-04  Nancy Palmer

2002-03  Jim Kurpius

2000-01  Martin O’Malley

1998-99  Donald MacKenzie

1997-98  Bob Shepard

1994-95  Martin O’Malley

The Robert Beresford Williams’s Life’s Code of Ethics Award

2022-23  Katie Cooney

2021-22  Meredith Warshaw, Ph.D.

2020-21  Jake Yoo, DDS

2019-20  Larry Christenson

2018-19  Bob Williams

Outstanding New Member Award

This award is given to the member who exemplifies the Rotary motto of Service above self.




2018-19  Larry Christenson

2017-18  Mary Chigos

2016-17  Lily Chui

2015-16  Jim Lang

2014-15  Darren Hau

2013-14   Ann Cullen


2011-12  Megan Heinen & Denise Rice

2010-2011 Janet Walworth

2009-10  Jamie Barnett

2007-08  Vincent Yip

2006-07  Leif Erickson

2005-06  Ted Ray

2004-05  Don Diltz

President’s Award

This award is given to the member who provides service to the Club above and beyond the call of duty.

2020-21  Katie Cooney

2019-20  Jake Yoo, DDS

2018-19  Tod Gregory

2017-18  Cecily O’Regan, Don MacKenzie, & Ellen Kitamura

2016-17  Mike Teutschel, Judy Johnson, & Judy Osterhout

2015-16  Judy Deggeller & Katie Cooney

2014-15  Steve TenBroeck

2013-14  Ken Kaufman


Unsung Hero Award

Sally Mahoney

Sally Mahoney was the first woman president of PAUR and has been an unsung hero  working tirelessly in the background. This award is named for Sally and given to the member who works tirelessly and quietly in the spirit of Rotary.

2020-21  Linda Lenior

2019-20  Ellen Kitamura, Debra Cen, & Eliot Terbough

2018-19  Jim Lang

2017-18  Ted Marston, Jim Lang, Steven Becker, & Lily Chiu

2016-17  Claudia Morgan, Toni DeWaal, Katie Cooney, & Don MacKenzie

2015-16  Peter Suhr

2014-15  Mike Teutschel

2013-14  Leif Erickson

2012-13  Georgie Gleim

Bo Smith Award

This award is given to the member who blends the Club’s vision with that of Rotary International.

2020-21  Jo RoyC

2019-20  Larry Christenson & Judy Koch

2018-19  Claudia Morgan & David MacKenzie

2017-18  Patrick O’Regan

2016-17  Kimberleigh Williams

2015-16  Sandra Wang

2014-15  Cecily O’Regan

2013-14  Kathleen Weisenberg

2012-13  Donald MacKenzie

2011-12  Richard Schoelerman

2009-10  Donald MacKenzie

2007-08  Jerry Torrance

2006-07  William Grindley

2005-06  Deb Pappas & Tod Gregory

2004-05  Donald MacKenzie

Bill Mayhood Award

This award is given to the member who makes an outstanding contribution in the spirit of Rotary.

2020-21  James Skelley

2019-20  Bob Barrett & Abe Sofaer

2018-19  Toni De Waal & Darren Hau

2017-18  Judy Koch & Tod Gregory

2016-17 Ted Marston & Debby Seaman

2015-16  Darren Hau

2014-15  Judy Deggeller

2013-14  Tod Gregory

2012-13  Steve TenBroeck

2011-12  Florence Buatois

2009-10  Paul Oseso

2007-08  Judy Johnson

2006-07  Linda Lenoir & Hanako Yanag

2005-06  Sally Mahoney

2004-05  Sunil Rao

2003-04  Jane Perkins

2002-03  Noe Lozano, Ph.D.

2001-02  Judy Ousterhout

2000-01  Chris Johnson

1999-00  Gerd Meissner

1998-99  Georgie Gleim

1997-98  Patricia Devaney

1996-97  Odette Mock

1995-96  David MacKenzie

1994-95  Charles L. Marsh

Environmental Impact Committee (EIC) Awards

EIC Environmental Challenge 2023


 Sustainable New Year

  • Lower thermostat setting at night.

  • Get a compost bin and compost after every meal.

  • Don’t use your car one day a week.


Earth Sweetheart

  • For Valentine’s Day give a potted plant instead of cut-flowers.

  • Consult your EIC refrigerator recycling magnet and learn your local recycling and composting options and guidelines.

  • Participate in National Invasive Species Awareness Week --- 


Waste Reduction


Think Globally, Act Locally

  •  Celebrate Earth Day by planting something native and green this month.

  •  Read a book or read a book to a young person about an environmental issue.

  •  Have a meaningful conversation with a non-Rotarian about EIC initiatives.


Eat Like You Mean It

  • Go meatless one day a week this month -- meatless Monday?

  • Explore your local farmer’s market and buy local.

  • Try not to eat anything with corn syrup and palm oil for a week -


Carbon Footprint Awareness



Building Earth-Friendly Habits

  •  Reduce natural gas appliance usage/gasoline usage.

  •  Reduce the frequency of delivery services and bundle package delivery.

  •  Become water wise in your home (showering/dishwashing/clothes washing/garden irrigation).


EIC Logo.png

EIC Challenge Champions 2023 - 100% Participation

5 Redwood Trees Planted in Your Honor

Katie Cooney

Linda Lenior

Don MacKenzie

Casper Vroeman

EIC Challenge Champions 2023 - 80% Participation

3 Redwood Trees Planted in Your Honor

Bob Barrett

Sasha Madison

Blair Stewart

Meredith Warshaw

EIC Green Dot Participation Honor

Florence Buatois

Mary Chigos

Leif Erikson

Georgie Gleim

Ellen Kitamura

Jim Lang

Judy Ousterhout

Kathleen Weisenberg

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