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New flag at Oak Knoll school honors Robert Beresford Williams

by Linda Hubbard on September 17, 2023

On Friday, September  15, Menlo Park resident Carol Mayer Marshall (pictured far right), widow of Robert Beresford Williams, presented a special flag to second grader Lorraine and principal Alicia Payton-Miyazki  at Oak Knoll School.

Bob, who died at age 101 in August 2022, was memorialized with military honors last October. “This is the flag the Navy gave to me, and I am giving it to Oak Knoll School in his memory,” said Carol. “Bob often spoke to students about how to live a productive and balanced life. The students really loved him and the feeling went both ways.

“Lorraine was a kindergartner when Bob first spoke with the students, and her father initially set up the opportunity for Bob to come to Oak Knoll.” Added Alicia: “Scout troop 206 will take care of our old flag and ensure it has a respectful and honorable end. I am so honored to be able to have Bob’s flag join us at Oak Knoll as part of the legacy of his impact here. It will welcome our learners for years to come.”

Photo courtesy of Oak Knoll School (c) 2023

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